About Enigma Maths Hub

Enigma Maths Hub has a vision for maths education where we believe that all pupils deserve the opportunity to access and master a high-quality mathematics curriculum that is engaging, challenging and innovative.   

We collaborate through our local network of teachers, leaders and maths professionals to nurture and harness leading national and international research–based practice for our maths teachers. 


My name is Jayne Webster and I am the Senior Leadership Link at Enigma Maths Hub.  I have been involved with the NCETM and the Maths Hub programme for over 7 years now.  In 2015 I visited Shanghai on the England - China exchange and I have worked with NCETM as a Teaching for Mastery specialist ever since.  

I have a special interest in representations that draw attention to mathematical structures and over the years I have collected, created and adapted a range of virtual representations.  I have attempted to share some of these on this website.